Biu Tze (Thrusting Fingers) is the third form of the Ip Man system, and contains some tools and concepts not found in the Wing Chun Kuen form. These include a range of elbow attacks, the ability to switch between short and long range arm techniques, and power development and delivery utilising the entire body. Despite what you’ll read elsewhere there is little evidence to support the idea that the Biu Tze form was developed to be able to “beat” the rest of the system or that it was only taught to the most dedicated disciples. It is true however, that the Biu Tze form is probably the most difficult form to master of the Yip Man system, and requires dedicated practice to find all that it offers.

At Worthing Wing Chun we have a range of drills that allow training of the tools found within the Biu Tze form, and these also bridge into the material found in the Mook Yang Chong (wooden dummy) form.


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