Chi Sau (Sticky Hands) is often said to be the heart of the Wing Chun system, and as such training is geared heavily toward it. Although quite alien to begin with, the process of adhering to your partners arms to absorb force or intercept attacks soon becomes more natural and quite addictive. The beauty of Chi Sau is that there is always scope to improve your technique and become softer, quicker, and able to deliver more power. The true mark of a martial art is that higher skill can overcome youth and speed, and Wing Chun’s Chi Sau is the method by which, with enough dedication, this improvement can be a lifelong pursuit.

There are probably as many chi sau drills as there are Wing Chun instructors in the world, so at Worthing Wing Chun we endeavour to only learn and train drills that are useful and bring a specific gain in skill level. Ultimately, the aim of the Wing Chun student is to first be able to freely switch between drills, and then freely switch between individual techniques giving a flexible, adaptable tool kit without the need for fixed sequence.


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