Kung Fu is a generic name for the combat systems or martial arts that originate from China, and there are many variations of it found in China and Hong Kong and they have now spread around the rest of the world. At our school we teach a system known as Wing Chun, most famous for being Bruce Lee's main system before he left Hong Kong for America, and one of the most popular Chinese systems found around the globe.

Like most Chinese martial arts, the origins of Wing Chun are not crystal clear, but by the time it had moved from China to Hong Kong around the 1950s there were several lineages established. At Worthing Wing Chun we teach the very popular Ip Man (Yip Man) method, as learned and taught by Bruce Lee, but we also teach the Tang family system (sometimes known as Weng Chun). Our knowledge of these two systems means we have more tools at our disposal to ensure that our students have a workable system that suits them and their body type, regardless of size, speed, or strength.

The classical Wing Chun system is taught via forms (solo sequences) and the matching two man sets (partner exercises), the idea being to build the basic movement and then train the application and function of those movements with a partner, building skill and understanding with each repetition. At Worthing Wing Chun our goal is for our students to be able to apply these techniques in an ever more free and open manner, slowly becoming less reliant on set sequence as training continues.


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