Gradings are a relatively recent addition in the Chinese martial arts, and as such we feel that they should be an option for those that wish to mark their progress, not a mandatory criteria for learning the Wing Chun system. The use of gradings to set short, mid, and long term goals can be very effective, and give students a specific set of skills to work towards, but students will still be taken through the system if they choose not grade. For those that do want to grade there are no grading fees, and they are graded on an individual timescale when it is agreed that they are ready. An outline of our syllabus can be seen below.


White Sash

Wing Chun Kuen 1-5

(+ 2 man sets)

Straight and round defences

Pad drills

Yellow Sash

Wing Chun Kuen 1-11

(+ 2 man sets)

Elbows and grappling

Poon sau

Interrupted attacks

3 drill

Green Sash

Yip Man Chi Sau sections 1-7

Red Sash

Biu Tze Form

Yip Man Biu Tze sections 1-5

Blunt and sharp weapons

Black Sash

Mook Yang Chong

Heaven Chong

Yip Man Mook Yang Chong sections 1-8

Blue Sash (Sifu)

Luk Dim Boon Kwun

Demonstrate understanding of coaching principles and coaching philosophy

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