The Luk Dim Boon Kwun (Six and a Half Point Pole) was a common weapon format in southern China long before it got absorbed into the syllabus of several martial arts, including Wing Chun. Much like the quarterstaff in Europe, it was the weapon on the common man rather than the armies or militia, although it may have its roots in or have been influenced by the military spear or weapons such as the Kwan Dao.

Most Wing Chun practitioners will say that learning and training the pole brings benefits for the empty hand system, and if learned correctly the pole can certainly bring a greater understanding of some of the nuances of distance and timing. However, at Worthing Wing Chun we feel it's important not to lose sight of the fact that the pole is a proven, functional, historical weapon in it’s own right, and therefore should be learned for it's own merits, and not just to compliment the empty hand system. The pole is exceedingly tricky to master, but diligent training gives a surprising amount of control over a long and heavy weapon. At Worthing Wing Chun we are exceedingly proud to be able to teach the Tang family version of the Luk Dim Boon Kwun, a far longer and more detailed form than the Ip Man version, and one that only survives in very small pockets around the globe.


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