According to BUPA poll from the beginning of 2017, the top four New Year’s resolutions were all based around the need to do more exercise or take a more proactive approach to health. And following those up at number five was a desire to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.

If you’ve decided on similar things for yourself as part of your new year plans, there are a few points to be aware of that’ll improve your chances of success, and (of course) some ways in which we can be a part of it here at Worthing Wing Chun. Read below for our top 5...



In the same BUPA study, half those asked about their resolutions thought that they probably wouldn’t stick to them, which isn’t the best outlook to start with. A lot of that can be put down to setting too big a goal, which means it can seem too difficult or too far away to bother with. So set yourself small achievable goals that can change as you move forward. If you want to get a black belt, that’s great, but your first step is to click here to get in touch with us.


Another advantage of setting more short term goals is that it’s easier to keep track of how you’re doing. Those initial goals can be as simple as “train once a week”, and it’s then easy to measure if you managed to hit your goals. Once you’re doing that consistently, you can take another small step forward. And if you’re doing a martial art, gradings are a great way to set goals and keep track of your progress.


A major reason that people fail in their resolutions is that a little stumble off track causes them to conclude that the whole thing is a failure and they then quit. It’s an easy way to let yourself off the hook whilst trying to form your new habit, but you can have back-up plans in place before you even start. If you miss a training session, maybe do two sessions the following week, or find 10 minutes to squeeze in a little training at home. Or maybe stop giving yourself such a hard time and pick it up the next week.


As tempting as it is to keep your plans all to yourself, it’s all too easy to justify stopping when you’ve only got yourself to answer to. Something as simple as a post-it note on the fridge at work or home can be a surprisingly powerful motivator to keep you on track. And has a very similar effect to number 5 on the list…


Another thing that will help you stick to your goals is to have somebody on the same track with you. That call or text to cancel is often more uncomfortable than not showing up to train, plus if you’re chipping away at a martial art having a training partner at your disposal can be a huge help and encouragement. So you can bring a friend with you, and if you’re short of willing acquaintances the start of the year is a great time to meet somebody that has similar plans to you at your new martial arts class.

So that’s our quick guide to staying on track with your New Year’s resolutions. We hope it helps you out, but we also hope that you’ll come see us and have 2018 be the year you start making changes. And don’t forget to bring a friend!

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