A common misconception is that if you learn a martial art you will automatically be learning to defend yourself, and whilst there is certainly some crossover between the two self defence should start way before any punches or kicks are thrown or anybody is grabbed. Broadly, it can be split into two categories;

Personal Safety

Personal safety is a much overlooked element of self defence, and involves building habits and awareness that mean you are far less likely to have physical confrontation occur. At Worthing Wing Chun we can teach you a simple set of behaviours that mean you and your family will interact with the world in a safer, more mindful way, all day, every day.

Physical Self Defence

The iconic image of an unscathed martial arts expert standing victorious over a pile of unconscious assailants could not be further from the truth. Physical self defence is almost always ugly, dangerous, and stressful. Regardless of skill level and outcome, it can have negative long term effects both physically and psychologically for anybody involved. The classical martial arts usually require a slightly different approach when being trained to apply to self defence, and so in our classes we will take the tools trained in the forms and two man sets and train them in a more real world context. We also include hitting drills and pad work, so as you have confidence in your tools should you need them.


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