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Worthing Wing Chun is owned and operated by Sifu Dave Bright, a Wing Chun student since 1997, and self-described “martial arts nerd”.

“The martial arts can teach you many lessons, but embracing the idea that you should continue to strive for constant improvement no matter what your level or position is probably the most important one. I aim to look for the things I don’t know rather than just reaffirm the things that I do, and I’m strongly of the opinion that you should always be doing something in your life that’s new, where you’re a beginner. It keeps you grounded”.

This outlook has lead Sifu Dave to train under several high level Wing Chun practitioners in Europe, and in more recent years to Hong Kong to learn (amongst other things) the Tang family version of the Luk Dim Boon Kwun (6 ½ point pole). It’s the same drive that has also seen him complete a BSc in Sports Coaching Science and an MSc in Sports Psychology at the University of Chichester, where he is now a senior lecturer in sports coaching.

“Instructing and coaching is no different to any other skill set. It’s too easy to assume that because what you do basically works then there is no need to look for ways to improve. Coach education is almost non-existent in the world of martial arts, so it’s very important to me to constantly review how I deliver my sessions so that my students get the best quality material in a method backed by up to date coaching research.”

Whilst Sifu Dave is a dedicated Wing Chun practitioner, he also has some experience in Escrima (Filipino stick/knife) and from 2009 to 2016 trained at the Sussex Sword Academy where he specialised in rapier (and dagger), and has also dabbled with longsword and quarterstaff.

“The weapons systems can teach you details about the empty hand systems and vice versa. And then I have the luxury of getting to teach it to people, where you learn even more. With the greatest of respect to everybody I've learned from, I'm confident that more than half of what I know and understand about martial arts comes from teaching it to other people. If you're willing to accept that there is something to learn from anybody then the martial arts will continually give you back what you put in.”

Sifu Dave is now a student of Sifu Sunny So (Hong Kong) and his place in the Wing Chun Family Tree can be seen here.

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