There are hundreds of reason to start (or get back to) martial arts training, but the summer brings in some extra positives.

1. You’ll make use of those long evenings…

We all enjoy the extra daylight that the summertime brings, but we can make better use of it than just being able to close the curtains a little later in the evening. In the summer it’s much easier to head out after to work and come to class, and our first class finishes at 9pm so you’ll still have time to stroll down to the seafront and watch the sunset after you’re done with your session.

2. And then you’ll make use of those short evenings too…

Getting into training in the summer is much easier, but once you’ve started the habit getting out and training during the week will be a simple thing when the evenings start getting a little darker. Regular training is a great way to avoid that tendency to hibernate once the winter arrives.

3. You might even pick up a little extra training…

It’s much more common during the summer for small groups of students to meet up in one of our many green spaces, on the ever appealing beach, or make use of somebody’s garden and cram in some extra training. The lack of rain and late sunset make this very easy to do and it’s a great way to make your training a little more social, and a great way to kickstart your training right from the beginning.


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