There are a number of martial arts schools for you to pick and choose from in Worthing, but we feel that Worthing Wing Chun offers a unique choice for the following reasons;

No children’s classes

We don’t run children’s classes, and whilst this may seem like a minor consideration, these classes are a huge drain on the resources, energy, and admin of a martial arts school. Without the negative impact of running these classes our attention and syllabus is fully focused on adult tuition to get the best from our students with age appropriate delivery and content.

Qualified instruction

Our Chief instructor, Sifu Dave Bright, holds a BSc in Sports Coaching Science, and an MSc in Sports Psychology, and is a senior lecturer in sports coaching at the University of Chichester where he is also studying for a PhD in motor learning. He holds the title of “Sifu”, a Chinese term meaning teacher, and a recognition that one is able to teach and pass on the Wing Chun system. This title was awarded to him by his instructor of 20 years, Master Paul Hawkes, himself a Wing Chun practitioner of more than 30 years, and a student of such well-regarded experts as Master James Sinclair, Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht, and Grandmaster Sergio Iadarola.

Perpetual students

At Worthing Wing Chun we believe that you can never finish learning a martial art, and there is something to be learned from everybody, regardless of their grade or skill level. The mindset of being a perpetual student is essential to avoid stagnation and staleness, and leaves us open to accept change or new information and ideas. This is an outlook that we try to foster in all our students and instructors so that everybody can make the best use of their training time regardless of who they are training with.

Official recognition

Worthing Wing Chun is proud to be a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA). It is the only governing body for Chinese martial arts recognised by both the UK government and the Olympic committee. Our membership guarantees that we are teaching an authentic Chinese system, as well as providing us with our insurance requirements and access to coaching courses as necessary.


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