The Wing Chun Kuen form, as the name suggests, is very likely the original form of the Wing Chun system. Split into 11 sections, it contains the fundamental movements of the system run in various sequences, and represents the essential building blocks for learning the system.

Each of the 11 sections also has a two man set, where the techniques of the form are drilled with a partner so that the function of the form is understood from an early stage. The combination of form and two man sets can be applied with more and more freedom as training progresses, leading to a flexible but refined skill set.

At some point in Wing Chun’s history, the Wing Chun Kuen form was split into three pieces (probably by Dr Leung Jan), which resulted in the three common forms found in the Ip Man system; Siu Nim Tao (Little Idea), Chum Kiu (Sink the Bridge), Biu Tze (Thrusting Fingers). At Worthing Wing Chun we forego the training of Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu as we feel that Wing Chun Kuen better represents the tools and skills found within those forms, and the two man sets give a direct training method for those tools.


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