As the nights continue to draw in across our lovely seaside town, there are a few reasons that now is the ideal time for you to start learning a martial art;



1. You’ll make use of those darker evenings…

It’s all too easy to tuck yourself away from the world once the sun has disappeared for the day, but a short trip to your local martial arts school is a great way to head out and make use of the evening in a cosy but active environment, and amongst good company. Plus you'll feel at great sense of having used your time effectively while everybody else was sat on the sofa.

2. And then you’ll make use of those long summer evenings too…

Getting yourself into a regular training pattern during the darker months makes the transition into regular training during the summer very easy. Soon enough your training pattern becomes the norm and you'll be heading out to your session rain, shine, sleet. or snow.

3. Despite what something in your brain will tell you, there's no reason not to start training in the winter.

There are a collection of very common phrases used when people are thinking about starting something new, all along the lines of “I’ll wait until the summer”, “I’ll start after Christmas”, and the ever reliable “I’ll wait until I have more time”. In reality, these are just convenient soundbites that delay you getting started without much justification. There’s rarely a reason to wait, and the more excuses you make now the more likely you are to find new excuses not to start in the summer. Start now, and you'll overcome those self imposed limitations, and be way ahead of the person that wants to "start next summer".


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